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Home Equity Lines

Make Informed Real Estate Decisions

We provide accurate, well-developed Evaluations, Valuations and Appraisals for home equity lines of credit.

From automated values to expert appraisals, our suite of valuation solutions deliver the speed, accuracy and cost savings you need.

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We utilize a proprietary valuation platform to produce a suite of appraisals and evaluation options engineered for equity and second trust deed lending. These reports are available with varying levels of content, delivery times and costs to meet your lending needs..


Compliant with the Interagency...
Compliant with the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines and USPAP


Fast delivery to empower...
Fast delivery to empower the time sensitive decisions and more efficient workflow


Detailed to support a credit...
Detailed to support a credit decision in compliance with safe and sound banking practices


Access to appraiser expertise...
Access to appraiser expertise at a fraction of the cost of traditional appraisal products


Transparent report which does...
Transparent report which does not require expertise or special staff to validate or test


Complete property data, photos...
Complete property data, photos, real-time market analytics, and neighborhood analysis

Report Recommendations

We utilize a proprietary valuation platform which allows us to conduct analytics and produce report options which are need specific and available at various price-points and report content levels to meet your underwriting needs and risk profile.

An affordable way to get the assistance of an appraiser to determine an equity position. This Evaluation option leverages our technology-assisted process to derive a property’s value and market analysis


Based on the appraiser’s exterior view of the property and created with our valuation platform to produce a compliant and well document appraisal with comprehensive analytics and complete property details.

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FMNA form appraisal based on an Exterior-inspection; commonly referred to as Drive-by appraisals. Developed via our technology-assisted valuation platform and proprietary process to produce comprehensive appraisals with quantitative support.

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