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Make Smarter, Faster Decisions

Accurate Home Value Alternatives

Data, technology and process engineered to create a new paradigm in efficiency, accuracy and professionalism in the development of real estate valuations.

Solutions for the users of real estate valuations

Technology-Assisted Appraisals are the integration of appraiser expertise with innovative technology to produce accurate, efficient valuation alternatives that solve pain points for the users of real estate valuations.

Contain Costs

Contain Costs

Report options at several price points and use scenarios

Save Time

Save Time

Faster delivery, reduced underwriting times and less hassles

Maintain Compliance

Maintain Compliance

Regulatory compliant products, process and professionals.

Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Streamline your process with one source for all your valuation needs

Four Options. One solution provider

Multiple options within four report categories to address all valuation needs. For some needs a short concise report is all that is needed and in other cases a more comprehensive report is required. Now,
you have alternatives tailored to your specific needs.

Automated Valuations

Automated Valuation Reports

Leverages proprietary valuation algorithms and appraiser refined real estate data to produce an instant, accurate property valuation.


Quick Valuation

Innovative condition-based
Evaluation Reports which comply with the Interagency Guidelines with options for appraiser assistance & inspection.

Technology Assisted


Technology & Process leveraged to produce appraisals that offer cost-effective options for all real estate valuation applications.

GSE Lending Appraisals

Traditional GSE

Lending appraisals produced with our technology-assisted valuation process with quantitative support and standardized results.

Alternatives for every valuation need

From automated values to expert appraisals, our suite of valuation solutions deliver the speed, accuracy and efficiency you need. Our reports are comprehensive and engineered for your specific business needs.

Real Estate Valuation Evolved

ValuTech is the next generation of Real Estate Appraisal. We develop and deploy innovative technology to provide accurate valuation products, produce in-depth market research and provide exceptional service in the valuation process.


Innovative technology advancing the appraisal of real estate


Suite of reports providing alternatives in home valuation

Market Metrics

Meaningful market analytics at the neighborhood level


Compliant access to expert appraisers and innovative valuations